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Preparing to Fly

This web site has been up and
running for 6 years.  I've
reconnected with old friends, have
made new ones, and people have
been blessed.  That makes it all
worth it.

I am born-again and baptized in the
Holy Spirit.  Jesus is my best
friend.  Background - Word Of Life,
Bob Jones U, Moody Bible Institute,
Samaritan Bible Seminary, MCC,
Shekinah Fellowship.....not exactly
in that order.  Once I did some work
with Campus Crusade, briefly
pastored two churches, and my
writings have been featured in a
number of publications.

I have been a word of knowledge
minister, I continually seek God's
anointing, and I have the rare gift of
revelation knowledge.  That said, I
try to keep this web site simple.    

My first book has recently been
published.  It's a chronological
collection of short stories based on
Biblical people and their
predicaments.  It's colorful and
playful as well as inspirational, and
looks at the Bible through a gay
Christian's eyes.

I don't want to fly away without
making a difference.

In Remembrance

My mother went to heaven in June of
2007 at age 93,  joining my father.  She
was a saint.  I think of her all the time
and miss her very much.  

I have a lot of her books, and the one
which I read and re-read constantly is
a daily devotional by CH Spurgeon.  
She underlined things that meant a lot
to her, and with my adding my own
underscoring, there's a lot of penciling
going on.  Good for us!  

She was Baptist; I am charismatic.  
Mother and I had some meaningful
talks and a good mother-son bond.  
We had some conversations that I will
never share with anyone.  She told me
she loved her gay son.  She approved
of my writings; said she loved them.  
That's good enough for me.

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Jesus and the
Holy Spirit

For more information

and to purchase please

click on the book or

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Dear readers and friends,

I am Vince Hinman, Richard’s partner of nearly 40 years.  I must tell you that Richard died
February 6, 2015.  He passed very peacefully at home with hospice care and was surrounded by
close friends and family.  

In August Richard was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.  He lost 55 pounds yet after five chemo
treatments all indications were that he was winning the battle with the tumor.  We were very
encouraged.  Then pneumonia developed in both lungs and he simply had no strength to fight it.  

So, he has
“flown away” and I have no doubt that he is with his Savior Jesus Christ right now.  
In his last days Richard wrote the poem below “He Comes”.  To me, it is the most powerful and
most Holy Spirit anointed thing he ever wrote.  I believe it is how he saw what was ahead.... Jesus
beckoning him.  Richard had no fear of death because he knew without a doubt Jesus was waiting
for him.  He was excited about being in heaven.  Richard found a
wonderful YouTube video of
Jesus Culture singing ‘Dance with
Me’.  It became a favorite that, in his last few months, he
listened to often.  I can imagine him now dancing with his Lord.

Because I know that Richard’s writings continue to touch a great many people all over the world,
plan on keeping
the site online as it is.  His message was always no matter who or what you are,
Jesus Christ really does love you and died for you. The Holy Spirit used Richard to reach many
who found no other place to hear that message from a gay Christian
.  Through it many have come
to know Jesus as their Savior.  That is reason enough to keep the site.  

Agape,  Vince


(this is what came to me in a vision while I was having chemo)

He Comes
He comes through the desert in peace
s face shines radiant in the driving sun
His stride is sure, all the desert bows in humility
He comes to me, this lover of my soul

Across the tempestuous sea He comes
His garment is soaked in sea spray
It dries instantly as He ascends the shore
And He runs to me leaping like a gazelle
This lover of my soul

Over the mountains He comes like the mighty warrior that He is
Face aglow, feet aflame, sword flashing, garment pure white
He stops before me, cups my head in His hands and whispers
He tells me something for me alone
I’ll carry it into my next life telling no one our secret

Sometimes He’s closer than my skin
He is obsessed with me, and I with Him
Jesus, lover of my soul

(Isaiah 35:1-2 “the desert.....will rejoice greatly and shout for joy”)

(Matthew 14:25, 32 “
Jesus went out to them,
walking on the lake.....they proclaimed, truly you are the Son of God

(Song of Songs 2:8 “
Here he comes,
leaping across the mountains, bounding over the hills


My mother loved birds in their natural environment.  She was always mindful of them.  Especially
during the winter months on Cape Cod through blizzards and heavy snow when the little creatures
had no hope of finding seeds on the ground.  Her home reflected her love for them accented with
anything from bird figurines to bird themed bookmarks.  I remember as a child my father buying a
big chunk of suit (it didn’t cost much) from the local butcher to keep the sparrows and blue jays fed
and warm through oftentimes brutal weather.  Year round mom kept the bird feeder full and in
summer there was always a bird bath with fresh water.  

Now, I’m no stranger to birds.  Back almost 40 years ago my partner Vince and I bred and raised
birds and sold them to pet shops.  Somehow we acquired a lot of bizarre “bird enthusiast” friends
in those days - some who dedicated all their time to the birds and little time to personal hygiene.  In
contrast, Vince and I had our own brand of enthusiasm as evidenced by the eventual placement of
birds in many of our friends’ homes.  

With mostly parakeets, but also with related avian specimens running the gamut from canaries to
parrots to cockatoos, we accumulated a head count of about 500.  What a thrill it was when tiny
parakeets and canaries arrived on the scene.  Ah, and the pure delight which followed as the
rainbow of colors emerged; no two alike.  At the 7 day mark I’d band them and register them to
declare their captivity legal.        

These days with failing health I’ve taken to noticing the wild birds again.  They’re way up on the
branches oblivious to the turmoil below.  We have a sparrow subspecies which looks like a ball of
fluff with a yellow tummy and yellow in its wings.  Spectacular.  He lands about 3 feet outside my
library window and allows me to admire him.  Maybe he’s showing off.  Out in the front courtyard
the red and green hummingbirds hover mid-air over the fountain and look back at me up close.  
Humorous and an incredible creation.

But this one unique bird I first eyed way up in the branches of a palm tree, nearly 100 feet up I’d
say.  The palm hasn’t been attended to in a long time so there are more dry brown dead branches
hanging down than there are green ones shooting up.  At first I saw a flash of blue.  Highly unusual
especially because of its shade of blue and it caught my undivided attention.  It was small and
would vanish and reappear somewhere else.  In and out, this beautiful turquoise blue.  Because of
my background I had my suspicions.  This reoccurred about the same time for several days until
the revealing morning when a flock of starlings landed on the side lawn beneath one of our orange

Suddenly, as if an afterthought, a stunning turquoise blue parakeet alighted along side the noisy
starlings.  But, he either chose to keep himself separate or knew he had to from past experience.  
This time I was seriously delighted.  I say “he” because I can easily tell a male from a female.  So
this bird was the “odd man out,” pretty much ignored by the flock that apparently had no
awareness of the brilliant turquoise color which definitely set him apart.  Separate yet special.  He
had learned to survive in the wild and adapted perfectly, neither noticed nor appreciated by his
piers in spite of the fact that he was far more striking than all his counterparts combined.  Instantly
I loved this brave little guy and can’t even comprehend how much more
God must.  

Now I’ll get to it.  My parents barely got by.  Not uncommon - post depression.  Nothing extra for
philanthropy.  But with the meager means they did have they found a way to help the birds, who
although desperate, continued to sing of God’s glory everyday.  I don’t know you, but I’m going to
guess that you’ve shared many of the same experiences that I have, and in many ways we’re the
“odd ones out” just like the parakeet.  It’s our calling and our choice.  God can see the splendid
turquoise color even if no one else can or is willing to try.

Separate yourself from them, touch no unclean thing” (2 Corinthians 6:17)
Learn to be content in whatever your circumstances” (Philippians 4:11)
God will watch over your life” (Psalm 121:7)

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